Dog Lesson #5

Little Bear

Our Little Angel - Little Bear - You are missed.

When a good friend dies, honor them.

Grieve fully. 

Let go completely. 

And then get on with living.


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Dog Lesson #4

Love Song with favorite massage client, Goofy

Get frequent massages.

They are good for your

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Dog Lesson #3

Buddy and Sadie – Friends of the Song Family


Love one another.
And honor each other’s differences.

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Dog Lesson #2

Lily’s Rx for healing quickly..PJs, TLC and rest.


    When trauma, injury or illness occurs, don’t dwell on it.  Instead, get quiet – real quiet.  Put on your pajamas and allow others to give you tender loving care.  Rest and sleep a lot.  If you follow this prescription the body will heal quickly.


This is Lily, a 4 year old toy poodle.  She was attacked by a wild animal.  After getting into her pjs to keep her wounds clean, lots of rest and TLC, she is as good as new.

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Dog Lesson #1

Little Bear
Little Bear


   Dog Lesson #1

Barely notice when someone does you wrong.  Forgive immediately and don’t bring it up again.  Stay in the loving.




Little Bear is a tea cup poodle who weighs 3 pounds.  He was a breader dog for 8 years.  When he came to us, his bottom jaw was broken off completely.  Today he is happy and healthy.  He is one little guy who inspires forgiveness and love.

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The Daily Paws Blog is here……

Greetings and thank you for stopping by.  A Daily Paws Blog is in the works.  Here you will find fun and uplifting animal stories along with helpful hints to stay in tune with the the most unconditionally loving companions we humans could ever have.  Stay tuned!  It is going to be fun!

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Prayer of Saint Francis

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